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Dining on passion and culture in the sleepy ’burbs

Chef Carla Pellegrino owns the Italian restaurant Bratalian Neapolitan Cantina, 10740 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson.

The executive chef and owner of Bratalian Neapolitan Cantina talks about her favorite meal, her evolution as a leader and how her culture has influenced her menu.

Supporting STEM education feeds the future of the tech industry in Las Vegas

Debbie Banko, CEO and founder of Link Technologies, poses at her office in Summerlin Monday, April 25, 2016.

Debbie Banko’s firm, launched in 2000, is in the business of filling gaps in information technology. It works with organizations to focused on improving education in science, technology, engineering and math.

Technology challenges traditional real estate

Since electronic computing’s introduction in the 1950s, it has been changing the way people do business, making employees more productive and allowing businesses to do more with less. The greatest impact from a real estate perspective has been on office ...


The Notes: Commercial Real Estate, June 26-July 2

In the Notes: Jennifer Hall, Jason Griffis, Demetrius Ware, Chris Clifford, Thomas Walusek, Chris Mueller, Mark Briggs, David Wrzesinski, Joshua Smith and more ...



The Data: June 26-July 2

All of the information your business needs: Bid opportunities, bankruptcies filed and building permits issued. To add to our data, email us at [email protected]

The List: Third-Party Commercial Property Managers, June 26, 2016

Find out about Southern Nevada's third-party commercial property managers. This week, we rank them by square footage under management as of May 1.